The 21st Century is the era of service, and our company is perfectly positioned to help you meet the growing needs of your company's accounts receivable.  

Meeting the needs of our clients requires a professional, responsive and efficient approach. Credit Services has been a leader in the collection industry for more than 40 years, offering stability, trustworthiness and reliability to our clients. Our staff offers a combined total of 130 years in collection experience to include Medical, Retail, Commercial and Legal accounts. We pride ourselves in having excellence in the following areas: 
Welcome to the Future of Collections!
  • Efficient Call-Center  
  • Collection Management 
  • Technology
  • Professional Collection Staff
  • 100% HIPPA Compliance
  • Full-time Legal Department
Key Performance Measurements
Our company is your #1 source for professional collection services. We include performance guarantees into each of our contracts, measuring achievement in 5 key areas: 
Collection Recovery
Competitive Rates
Federal and State Compliance
Low Debtor Complaint

" We will outperform any other           agency , that is our guarantee!

                          -Stuart Moss, Member/Manager

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