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Many of our retail clients are local business, traditionally smaller family owned businesses that do not have the luxury of a larger “corporate logo” for assistance and support. Cash Flow is at or near the top of their list of priorities, and consumer delinquency and bad debt can destroy an otherwise strong and successful business. 

Having started in this same manner some 40 years ago, we understand the unique needs of the smaller local business.  
Having “been there,” Credit Services gives our retail clients the same strong collection efforts and results, and the same services that we give all of our clients. Our focus on the recovery of that potential bad debt and delinquency allows them to focus on meeting the needs of THEIR customers.  

Services We Provide
" Having a collection staff that works flexible hours enables us to service accounts in different time zones "

      - Stuart  Moss, Member/Manager

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“As a local small business owner, one of my primary goals is to promote and grow my business. In order to do this, I occasionally need expert assistance to handle those “not getting paid by your client for the professional services provided” distractions. Credit Services is my expert when this business “distraction” occurs. I simply provide Credit Services with the necessary data to perform their service. I no longer have my attention on the distraction.”  

“Credit Services handles all - capably, competently and quickly!”
“I view Credit Services as an extension of my business and an important part of my team. They consistently provide a trusted, professional service.”…..Juliette E.